Equipment and Machinery


  • Cable Shovel
    Lip Shrouds, Shovel Dippers, Tooth Systems, Cable Shovel Lip Systems
  • Construction Excavator
    Construction Rippers, Excavator Buckets, Excavator Lip System, Hydraulic Couplers, Thumbs, Tooth Systems,
  • Continuous Miner
    Underground Products (Continuous Miner Heads, Cutting Pick Systems)
  • Conveyor
    Conveyor Attachements, Conveyor Chains, Wood and Paper Processing Components.
  • Dozer
    Dozer Blades, Ripper Products.
  • Dragline
    Dragline Buckets, Dragline Lip Systems, Lip Shrouds, Tooth Systems.
  • Dredge
    Tooth Systems, Points, Sand and Clay Dredge Cutterheads, Adapter System.
  • Grader
    Grader Blades, Ripper Products
  • Haul Truck
    Truck Body
  • Hydraulic Face Shovel
    Hydraulic Mining Products, Lip Shrouds, Lip Systems, Tooth Systems.
  • Longwall Shearer
    Underground Products (Cutting Pick Systems, Shearer Drums)
  • Industrial Equipment and Components
    Power and Generating Sets (Diesel, Motor and Engine).
  • Autoparts and Accessories
  • Manufacturing and Processing Machinery
    Engineering and Construction Machinery
  • Transportation