About Us

As concerns about climate and energy supply are on the forefront of international politics, support for continued expansion of the solar energy business is strong.

Meeting the world’s increasing need for energy is a crucial challenge. In the search for solutions, renewable energy sources have gained importance. Photovoltaic (PV) energy is a solar technology that uses solar cells to convert energy from the sun into electricity. Solar is now the third most important renewable energy source.

GMT Industrial visualized years ago the opportunity, not only for business but also to provide economical relief to clients and to solve the challenge of climate change.

We have been successfully operating in Asia providing innovative solutions in energy conservation and generation, specializing in:

  • Solar Panels
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Equipment and Machinery

Being in the market requires adaptability to changes at a fast pace, this means constantly updating technology and work side by side with customers to better assist them with their needs.